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Boys would keep them until the age of 15, when their "guardians" would be consecrated at a nearby shrine.Girls kept these dolls until marriage when they were replaced with an In these early doll forms we find no specific link between their talismanic, purifying powers and March Festival rites; their presence and influence were relied upon year-round.

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Contemporary displays still feature a peach blossom sprig, a tribute to the early roots.

The festival is also known as or Third Month Festival.

It is thought that a child's clothes would be hung on the T-form of the (gift to a baby on the 3rd, 5th, and 9th nights).

Used for both boys and girls, these dolls were a constant in their early life.

Based on the lunar calendar, this day often fell well into April by Western reckoning.

It was a time of planting and focus on the earth and man's fertility.

The Doll Festival revolves around the display of a male and a female doll pair, the imperial couple.

Given the greater spiritual context of the March Festival, the origins of this male / female pairing seem connected less with the imperial family than with Japan's old talismanic doll tradition. Kawakami Shigeki, Textile and Doll curator at Kyoto National Museum points to the evolution of rough-hewn stone shapes with manlike morphology in the Jomon Period (8000?

In China the association with dolls was weak, but in Japan it was this aspect that gradually became most pronounced.


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