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The computer system (100) includes a processor (102), a main memory (104) and a static memory (106), which communicate with each other via a bus 108. In alternative embodiments, the machine may comprise a network router, a network switch, a network bridge, personal digital assistant (PDA), a cellular telephone, a web appliance or any machine capable of executing a sequence of instructions that specify actions to be taken by that machine. 14, 2009, the entirety which is incorporated herein by this reference thereto. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to customizing a user interface to a current user and a current task.

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Depending upon the particular requirements of the application in the areas of speed, expense, tooling costs, and the like, this logic may be implemented by constructing an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) having thousands of tiny integrated transistors.

Such an ASIC may be implemented with CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor), TTL (transistor-transistor logic), VLSI (very large scale integration), or another suitable construction.

provides a diagram of a machine in the exemplary form of a computer system within which a set of instructions, for causing the machine to perform any one of the methodologies discussed herein below, may be executed; , shown is a diagrammatic representation of a machine in the exemplary form of a computer system (100) within which a set of instructions for causing the machine to perform any one of the methodologies discussed herein below may be executed.

The UI allows for re-flowing the Console UI without reinstalling or updating the Console application, seamlessly integrating new content into the UI and targeting language to specific domains.

This script and form was developed for a project facilitating photo upload by professional photographers for a non-profit organization.

It creates a folder in Google Drive based off the text input of the photographer name and then uploads the user selected files.

The UI is further determined by each Console Operator's content access rights.

Specifications distributed with the content determine how the local Console UI organizes and presents information.

A Policy- and Relevance-based User Interface (UI) for an enterprise suite Console provides a Console Operator access to information about systems on a network under management. The computer system (100) also includes an alphanumeric input device (112), for example, a keyboard; a cursor control device (114), for example, a mouse; a disk drive unit (116), a signal generation device (118), for example, a speaker, and a network interface device (128).

By means of such UI, a user experience is dynamically constructed within product domains particular to the system under management using content elements that flow from content sites into the user environment, populating user interface and driving the Operator experience. The disk drive unit (116) includes a machine-readable medium (124) on which is stored a set of executable instructions, i.e.

He holds active IT Certifications including the CISSP, CEH, ITIL Foundations, Security CE and Network CE.


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